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Your product BONDING GUM & PRECURRED RUBBER has been launched successfully. From the market reports I am happy to inform you that your products are quality product obtaining very good milege. Please maintain this quality always. I hope, I will be able to market your products without any problem.

JOJU PAUL, Vijayawads.(A.P)
It gives me immense pleasure to convey you our customer's satisfaction on your products BONDING GUM & PRECURRED RUBBER. They are fully satisfied with your products in quality and durability. I appreciate on your punctual delivery of my requirements.

JAICOB, Visakhapatanam
I would like to inform you that after launching your products Bonding Gum & Precurred Rubber in our area , I am getting a very good response from our customers on your  quality products. Please maintain this trend of quality always. Any new products comes please keep me informed.

I have received your consignment of Bonding Gum & Precurred rubber which have distributed in the market. I am dealing with same product of other companies also but your product is getting excellent reports from the market with regard to quality aspect is concerned. Please dispatch our next order immediately as there is a very good demand of your products in the market.

KURIAN, Priemier  Treds (Pune)

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