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Bonding Gum

Available for 99°c, 125°c and 15°c operations. Our gum is made only from natural rubber and available in customer’s specified sizes. It can be used for filling nail holes and repairing injured portion of casing.


Constructed with special rubber compound and nylon fibers Fabric construction designed to match the cross ply type construction. High strength, flexible and shock absorbing To repair crown, shoulder and sidewall injury in all bias ply tyres ranging from passenger to earth mover. Injuries from 1/8in )3mm) to 5in (125mm) can be repaired. Can be cured chemically (cold cure) or with any retread systems (hear cure). Use with Paulson Rubber chemical vulcanizing fluid for prefect bonding. For the repairs in tractor tyres separate series of patches (CTP) available with large fabric area and lesser ply. For sidewall patch repairs separate series of patches (CSP0) available The sidewall patch design enable prefect fit in the tyre sidewall. Refer injury chart for proper selection of the patch


Paulson Radial Repair Patches constructed with special rubber compound and polyester fiber. Unique single direction ply and locking wedge construction offers high strength and flexibility. Gives permanent repair over the injury. Used to repair crown, sidewall and shoulder injuries in Passenger, Light truck, Truck, Tractor and Earthmover tyres. Separate crown injury repair unites to be used for crown injuries Cloth back & uncured patches are available Can be cured chemically ( cold cure) or with any retread systems ( heat cure) Use Paulson chemical vulcanizing cement for prefect bounding.